Creating Travel Memories : Winter Wonderland: Europe & UK


“To Travel is to Live”

My love for travel has increased with every trip I take and after every trip I can’t wait for my next one.

So recently  for Christmas and New years Me and my wife visited Paris, Amsterdam and London.

It was one of most memorable winter experience, so I named it Winter Wonderland.


We took an Air France flight from Mumbai to Paris. It was a very pleasant inflight experience and I would highly recommend it.

We were staying in Les Marais, 4thArrondment .This place is very old and popular neighborhood in Paris. It is surrounded by Karaoke bars and pubs. The metro station was just 100 meters from our hotel, so it’s easy to transit from there.

The best experience was visiting the Eifel Tower and taking the cruise in the Seine river. We also enjoyed witnessing Louvre museum which is one of a kind architectural genius masterpiece. We took a 2 day city tour bus pass so we could move freely everywhere. Evenings were just so full of life with people dancing on streets and sipping coffees in the brasseries.  St Germaine, Latin Quarter and Champs Elysees are the best places for café and restaurants.

There are so many museums and art gallery, you just can’t ignore them even though if you are not a fan of art.

For parties in the night there is an area called bastille, we had an amazing time there pub hopping in different themed bars.

Last day we went to see the Moulin Rouge, which is a must watch if you visit Paris, followed by experiencing a beautiful area called Montmarte. The feel and vibe was so amazing you will instantly fall in love with that place.

For me Paris is a beautiful architectural Masterpiece.


From Paris we took a flight to Schiphol airport. This was my second visit to Amsterdam.

It’s known as the sin capital of the west. In Amsterdam, we were staying in Novotel hotel in Central District close to Dam square.

We were celebrating Christmas here and we couldn’t wait for the experience.

It was super cold and raining most of the time (light showers)

We walked down day and night the beautiful lanes by the canal side.

The whole Christmas vibes was just extraordinary. We visited lots of Christmas markets, tried their local beers and food. The best experience was ice skating, it made me feel so energetic and refreshed.

In the nights we visited, lots of cafes in Dam square and wandered around that area. The best café we liked was the bulldog café. Its one of the oldest and there are so many, you just can’t miss them.

The vibe of Dam square was so thrilling with people from throughout the world coming there and having a good time.

For the Christmas Eve we took river cruise passing through all the canals and watching the light show for which Amsterdam is famous in Christmas.

What happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam.


Our final destination was London and I couldn’t hide my excitement of going there. (I pursued my Masters in London)

Next day after Christmas we took a flight to London.

We were staying at the Strand Palace Hotel, in Central London in Covent garden.

I didn’t want to compromise on location, it was expensive as it was new years time, but we wanted to be in the best locality.

The List of Attractions we visited:

City Tour

Madam Tussads (3rdTime for me)

London Eye

Tower Bridge

We visited all the best places we could in our 7 days time frame.

Every evening we used to visit a British Bar and experience the whole vibe of the place.

We shopped extensively at Oxford Street and Bond Street. We used to walk our way and enjoy the evening walks seeing the river Thames and Houses of Parliament.

One day early in the morning we witnessed the change of guard at the Buckingham Palace, which happens once a week.

After that we went to Hyde park, to experience Winter Wonderland which was so massive that you couldn’t visit all the stalls and rides in 1 day.

In the evening we visited the St Paul’s Cathedral followed by a beautiful place called Coppa. It’s such a cozy and beautiful place you can sit there for hours.

Notting hill is a must visit if you want the feel of a small town within London with all small shops on street and colorful houses all around.

For New Years Eve we went for dinner near Leicester square ad took few pictures at Piccadilly Circus (the most iconic location in London)

We were eagerly waiting for the new years fireworks, which are best in the world. On our way to see the fireworks we came across this place called Coaches and Horses and kick started our night there before moving ahead. We enjoyed drinking hot mulled wine in that freezing weather.

We didn’t get chance to see the fireworks from the Westminster bridge as it was over occupied and the tickets sold out much earlier.

In all, London is where my heart lies. Its rightly said you can never get over London.

See you soon

Love Shashank

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