Live the Luxe Life :Home Décor, Baaya Design


Designing a home or an office is always a difficult task if you want to fit in the right and elegant interiors.

But recently I got the chance to Visit Baaya Design store in Mumbai, and it was an amazing experience feeling and witnessing the aura it created for Native Indian Art and Home Décor.

The main vision of Baaya is to preserve traditional art by making it relevant to contemporary lifestyles through innovative designs.

The store is very thoughtfully designed with each section of products according to Baaya vision of art and home décor.

The colorful designs each curated and crafted for an uber lifestyle. I personally liked many of the products, but my favorites:

Palm Leaf Table Lamp

Tree of Life

Brass Lotus Tealight Holder

All the art and home décor products are made of brass, which gives a very rich feel.

Baaya recently launched their bar range products, such as ice holder jar, wine opener, and tong.

Each of the products is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and narrates the story of a practice perfected over centuries and passed down over generations.

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