My Writing Companion: Mont Blanc


Its rightly said, Pen is mightier than the sword.

Mont Blanc defines luxurious and effortless writing.

Star Walker

Urban Walker

Star Wars

These are few of my favorites from the collection of Mont blanc.

Mont blanc gives you the feel and power of writing anything , anywhere with confidence.

At Mont blanc’s Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany making world class writing instruments is a modern day pursuit.

At it’s very best, writing is a fine art. A tool for telling stories and expressing your thoughts over the ages.

The fitting, then making the writing instruments is an art itself, and no one knows it better than Mont Blanc,

The big leader in the world from Queen Elizabeth 2, to Barack Obama, it’s safe to say that maison is behind the best stories and signatures ever published

These pen are made with highest quality standards and precision,

Each pen takes more than 100 assiduous steps to create and the nib of the pens requires around 35 steps, which are mostly crafted by women.

The company uses state of the art technology to create such masterpieces and they are ever changing with time.

The fountain pens are crafted from 14-18 karat yellow, red, white and champagne gold.

I would like to conclude by saying, though Mont Blanc Pens are signature of the maison’s craft people since 1906, it fits effortlessly in the modern day, just like the pens itself.

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