Mens Grooming : Truefitt & Hill


Who does not wan to be pampered? For me having a good grooming or wellness experience is the best feeling you can get

My recent experiences with one of the luxurious salon was out of the extraordinary.

Truefit & Hill

This place is by far the most luxurious mens grooming salon in the country.

It was established in London, in early 90’s.

 I visited their branch in Mumbai, Khar and the experience was just mesmerizing. When you are at the salon you are made to feel on top of the world with high class butler services and the amount of detail given to each and every aspect.

I chose to do two services.

The royal clssic men shave

Mens facial.The staff was so highly trained and the experience was unforgettable. Since it very high end, the prices are also on very high side,

they also seem lot of grooming products such as shampoo, hair gel, shaving cream, after shave lotion.

But you cant get any better mens grooming service for sure. I would like to conclude by saying, you know where to find the most luxurious mens grooming services

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