Wellness Retreat : Spa La Vie, by L’occitane


Wellness Retreat : Spa La Vie, by L’occitane:         

Wellness has now become a necessity to be stress free and energetic in todays hectic life.

Recently I visited this wellness spa and I cant describe in words, the amount of relaxtion and calmness I received after that.

This spa is the only meditteranean themed spa in India. Lush interiors with high class ambience and spa rooms, its undobdtedly the most luxurious spa .

They work on the principle of harmonious incorporation of sunny soil energizing aromas all enveloped in bespoke treatments.

Me and my wife went to this place on a weekday, and it was fully packed. The masseuse are of very high quality and they know exactly the points to be given the utmost attention for a better result.

The service lasted for 1 hour and you have to be there to experice the feeling.

They also have the speciality for Hamman bath, which was a tradition followed in the old medieval period. The space is so huge and luxurious that you will instantly fall in love of that place.

They have various types of massages namely:




Hot stone bath

All are very well curated to an individual needs. 

Its surely a must visit for people looking for high quality and luxurious spa and wellness service in the country.

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