About Shashank Sanghvi

I have always been passionate about being fashionable and have tried to present my self in a very stylish manner. I graduated in Management studies in Mumbai, after that i went to UK to pursue my Masters degree in International Business. I was in UK for 2 years, post that I came back to Mumbai and started a job with a reputed Bank. I was in Dubai to start my new business in Polymers. Being very passionate about that, since it requires me to travel international and interact with lot of different cultures of people. Now at this moment I thought something was still missing that gave me pure satisfaction so I decided to start my fashion, lifestyle and travel blog. Being fashionable and travelling around the globe is my only passion in life. I feel there is so much in the world of fashion which we need to explore. Also travelling to different parts of the world gives you a different perspective to your life. I curated lots of looks and collaborated with high end luxury brands in a very short time. Currently I am living the dream. Get Up, Dress up, follow your passion and the world is yours.