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Redefining Fashion : SuperDry


Fashion has evolved with time and place, and its always changing at a constant pace. To live up to the current fashion epecations of the generations needs lot of thoughtful and detailed research, and this brand has always lived up to it. Yes we are talking about Super Dry. This Japanese based Brand is a huge name ...

My Writing Companion: Mont Blanc


Its rightly said, Pen is mightier than the sword. Mont Blanc defines luxurious and effortless writing. Star Walker Urban Walker Star Wars These are few of my favorites from the collection of Mont blanc. Mont blanc gives you the feel and power of writing anything , anywhere with confidence. At Mont blanc’s Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany making world class writing instruments is ...

Balenzia : Pull up your socks


Socks! What comes to your mind when you think of it? I have always been very specific about the socks which I wear.  For me putting on good socks is a big fashion statement. Socks needs to be: fashionable & comfortable to your feet. Recently I got my feet on Balenzia Socks.  These socks are made from finest yarns, highest ...