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Mind the gap : Gap Clothing


Bright colours, quirky prints, and elegant designs. These are the things I look for when I buy my clothes and recently I was part of a massive celebration by a very well known brand GAP. GAP was celebrating their 50thyear of existence. Maintaing their American heritage , they launched itsdenimnow collection. I was at their store in Mumbai ...

Wellness Retreat : Spa La Vie, by L’occitane


Wellness Retreat : Spa La Vie, by L’occitane:          Wellness has now become a necessity to be stress free and energetic in todays hectic life. Recently I visited this wellness spa and I cant describe in words, the amount of relaxtion and calmness I received after that. This spa is the only meditteranean themed spa in India. Lush interiors ...

Balenzia : Pull up your socks


Socks! What comes to your mind when you think of it? I have always been very specific about the socks which I wear.  For me putting on good socks is a big fashion statement. Socks needs to be: fashionable & comfortable to your feet. Recently I got my feet on Balenzia Socks.  These socks are made from finest yarns, highest ...